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Wine is an exiting and ancient drink. We begun to discover the world of wine around 1980. We have since travelled to France, Germany and Italy and tasted various wines. Currently this page only contains an introduction to this, but more will come when time permits. When it comes to travelling, see Alsace and Bordeaux in the menu to the left.


In 1986 we turned our attention to Baden-Wurttemberg in southern Germany. We had never been there, so we thought it was about time to pay a visit. The driving distance from kristianstad to Kornwestheim is about 680 miles, so we had a stop over night before arriving there. Kornwestheim is close to Stuttgart where Daimler-Benz has their museum.

During the night a thunderstorm passed by. In the morning the weather still looked somewhat bad, but we set off for the days walk. Once we got up in the wine yards, the rain started pouring down.
We had a couple of days with walking and tasting wine. Nothing that have made any major impression to us, but if we are to have a red wine from Germany it will be on Dornfelder grapes.

One day we got off to Stuttgart and the Daimler-Benz museum. On the way back we visited a wine yard where, at least back in 1986, Daimler-Benz took their guests.

A fun memory from this visit in Baden-Wurttemberg is a local wine called Trollinger-Lemberger or Lemberger-Trollinger. The name depends of which grape juice is first when blended. The Germans claimed that they could taste the difference, we couldn't. Anyhow, it's a rosé like wine best suited for warm summer days.


Powerful wines from norhern Italy, near the Alpes: Marzemino and Teroldego Rotaliano, which we tasted a couple of years ago.

Chateau Palmer is a fantastic wine! We visited this wine castle in Bordeaux, France, Chateau Palmer, during our wine tour in France in 1984.

Chateau Soudars is another fantastic wine from Bordeaux we have tested.

The old Hossmo church, close to Stufvenäs Inn. Built during the 10th century, it is very interesting. It was built also for defence purposes.



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23 miles south of Kalmar on the east coast of Sweden you can find Stufvenäs. Stufvenäs has been an inn since 1798, closely connected to the Wärnanäs mansion. Well known Swedish families such as Bonde, Trolle, Sture and Grip has been sitting at Wärnanäs from the 9th century and onwards. Today the Stufvenäs Inn is owned by the Berzelius-Johansson family. They have developed the Inn to a modern hotel and conference facility with food and beverage of the highest quality.

We went there together with our good friends Birgitta and Ido Leden. Apart from enjoying Stufvenäs Inn, we also visited nearby Kalmar with it's old castle. Kalmar plays an important role in the old Scandinavian history for both Sweden as well as for Denmark and Norway.

Here we are enjoying a tasteful dinner in a quiet corner of the restaurant.

Gerd and I are enjoying the evening after this wonderful dinner.

Stufvenäs is an old manor in eastern Sweden. They have a very good living and a very good restaurant with an excellent wine cellar.

Here our friend Ido inspects a small part of Stufvenäs wine cellar.

Concentration during the wine testing.

Here the wine has been poured up.