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Just by looking at the photo to the right you might tell that we like to travel in Germany. But we do also go visit other places that we find interesting. Especially places that have had influence on our part of the world. Because of this we find special interest in Germany and France.

Northern Germany

The Swedish influence is still present in the northern parts of Germany. During the Thirty Years war between 1618-1648 Sweden took an active part in the European conflict. Looking at a map, you will find places like Schwedenschanze. After the peace of Westphalia, parts of northern Germany came under Swedish control. You can still find streets and places with Swedish names. Up until 1815 some parts remained under Swedish control.

Lots of Swedish memories
Since the Wall fell in Berlin in 1989 a whole new part of Europe has opened up. This give access to places which still resembles of the Swedish presence. In Stralsund, the palace of the Swedish commander were located in the center; Commandantenhaus.

If you travel to the east you will come to the city Greifswald. The university was once Swedens(!) oldest university. If you continue to travel to the east, you will reach the small village of Peenemünde. The place is well known due to the rocket research facilities built there by Hitler during World War II. This is the place where the V1 and V2 bombs were developed. A total of six V1 and one V2 bombs crashed in Sweden due malfunctional navigation equipment.

If you visit Rothenburg ob der Tauber, there's a fine museum with lots to see and read about the Thirty Years war. We first visited this beautiful medieval city back in 1969.


'Ich hab' noch einen koffer in Berlin' sang Marlene Dietrich. We couldn't agree more, everyone should have a bag left in Berlin. It's such a amaizing city. Museums Insel, Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church - just to name a few.

Classic music plays an important part of city life in Prague. Somewhat different from what you would hear on Swedish streets!

Magnificent guard tower in Prague.




Swedish heritage in France

Back in the 9th century, vikings or northmen started to raid the coasts in western Europe. Later on they started to settle down along the river Seine. In 911, the Norwegian viking Hrolf Ganger became jarl of Normandie. There are still city names that resembles of Sweden, Norway and Denmark around Normandie.


One of the jewels among European capitals is Prague in the Czech Republic. It's very well kept, with a lot of the old buildings preserved. Classic music plays an important role in this city. You can hear music where ever you go, with concerts ongoing all days of the week. More than 6 millions tourists find their way to Prague and the Czech republic every year. Things to do in Prague includes of course Czech Philharmonic, the State Opera and the National Theater.

From the Prague castle you have a magnificent view over the town.

Instead of going round town behind a horse which is offered by most cities; you can instead choose to go around Prague in a classic car! In this case a Tatra.

Memorial site for those who faught against the nazi occupasion during World War II.

Czech beer is well known around the world. This particular beer was brewed by the oldest brewery in Czech Republic. It was founded back in 1499!

Czech beer

if you look for high quality beer, look no further than Czech Republic. The country is known world wide for it's long tradition in brewery. The Czech even drink more beer than the Germans. The oldest brewery in the country that are still in business was founded already back in 1499. It's a local micro brewery called U Fleku. The well known brand Staropramen was founded in Prague October 23, 1869. There is even a beer cycling route, Beskydy Radegast Cycling Track. During 53 km, the circuit take you to 40 pubs and restaurants devised by the Radegast brewery. It begins and ends in Nošovice. We haven't tried it out though.


New York

As stated, we do prefer travelling around in Europe. However, the trip we made to New York in 1988 was very interesting as well. Back then we visited my uncle Herman, since then deceased. He lived in a house outside New York at a place called Verona. So it had some connection to Europe after all.

Opera in a different way
We had planned to enjoy Verdi at the Metropolitan. However, the show with Pavarotti got cancelled that evening. So instead we went to Restaurant Asti; what an experience! This festive institution, opened in 1925, is perhaps the longest-running musical revue in New York. Everybody sings: the waiters, the bartenders...


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In northern Germany you will find another interesting city. It's Schwerin, located by the Schweriner See. As most other cities in the region, also Schwerin has links to Sweden since the Thirty Year war. The most striking building in Schwerin is the castle, sitting by the lake. The castle has been built upon during the centuries and you can spot various influences in the way different parts are designed. Today the building is partially a museum and partially the site for the local government. The castle has been restored since the fall of the Berlin wall and is now back in it's former glory.

Castle and theater
On the opposite side of the castle, which is situated on a small island, you will find the theater. The current building opened its doors to the public in 1886. The program is full of interesting shows. We have i.e. seen Xerxes by Händel in Schwerin some years ago. A special experience was an outdoor show of La Traviata! It all took place in front of the art museum in Schwerin, close to the theater.