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Below "Other" in the menu you can read about our other interests apart from cars. That includes opera, wine and travelling. On this page itself we've gathered our findings related to the name Imperial. If you know about other things related to the name lmperial please feel free to contact us.

The competition between American car manufacturers has always been fierce. I.e. Cadillac has over the time named some of their most luxury models "Imperial". Despite the fact that Chrysler owned the name Imperial.

Imperial was the most exclusive brand in the Chrysler family. Between 1924 and 1954 namned their most luxury cars Imperial. Starting in 1955, Imperial was given special treatment. Not just any retailer could sell Imperial. Chrysler set up a separate sales organization for Imperial. The Imperial customer should feel the difference from the other Chrysler brands. The cheif designer during the 50's and 60's; Virgil Exner made the Chrysler cars leading the way. The so called "forward look" became a signum for Chrysler Motors. First shown to the public in 1957, it heated up the competition even more between the Big three; General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

Imperial still lives up to the standards, 43 years after it was made our Imperial Crown 4 door hard top feels as new. We took it out for a drive the other day, January 17th 2008. It was a sunny winter day, with a temprature of 44° F and dry roads. Running smooth and quiet, that's the way to go!

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Imperial Destillery.

Hotel Imperial in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Moët & Chandons Rose Imperial Brut.





Imperial is a rare Speyside whisky. In Sweden you can get hold of it after special order for SEK 650. In Germany you can get Imperial Provenance for SEK 300. We've got hold of a box destilled in 1996. The Imperial destillery is currently mothballed as far as we know.

Imperial Distillery History

1897 Established by Thomas Mackenzie
1898 Taken over by Dailuaine-Talisker Distilleries Ltd
1899 Silent
1919 Re-opened
1925 Ownership transferred to DCL
1955 Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd. (SMD) renovate and reopen
1965 Stills increased from 2-4
1985 Closed
1989 Allied Distillers reopen
1998 Mothballed
2005 Taken over by Pernod Ricard


In Austria you can fine a wine maker producing Imperial wine.
Schloss Halbturm has one white wine, costing SEK 269, and a red wine, costing SEK 299.

Sandeman in Portugal produces a port named Imperial Reserve Tawny. It costs SEK 173, and it's possible to get in Sweden by special order. Sandeman was founded by Scotsman George Sandeman in 1790, who established offices in London and Oporto, with the intention of importing Port, and also Sherry.


Russian imperial stout was originally brewed in Great Britain to satisfy the Czarist courts, who were great connoisseurs of Champagne, caviar and the art of the table. Because it was transported across the freezing Baltic, Russian imperial stout was brewed with a high level of alcohol.

I once drank this stout on a hotel in Amsterdam. However, I find it to powerful for my taste. It's available in Sweden as well.

Imperial stout


If you are a keen gardener and like Imperial cars, there's one given choice; the red Imperial Palace rose! It's a small, red rose. It grows up to approx 2 ft. There are a number of different colour variants of the Palace roses. Red/pink
'Topkapi Palace', pink 'Dronning Margarethe', red 'Imperial Palace', white 'Hampton Palace' and ivory 'Crystal Palace'.

We have also found an Imperial pelargonium.

Imperial Palace rose
This rose is called Imperial Palace
This pelargonium is named Imperial.
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There are a lot of hotels around the world with Imperial in their names. They are often up to a high standard. The one closest to us in southern Sweden is Hotel Imperial in the center of Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. We haven't been there ourself, yet at least. The big question is of course if they can fit a full size Imperial in their garage.
The pricing is quite ok, at least during the weekends. So we might pay a visit there.

The French company Moët & Chandon has an exclusive champagne called Brut Imperial. We haven't tried it out though.


Rated as the world's fifth best university in the THES World University Rankings 2007, Imperial College London is a science-based institution with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research. The college was founded in 1907, and has approximately 12.000 full-time students in 235 taught courses.

Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum in Holborn, London, UK.

Outside the entrance to the museum there are two impressive 15" guns, once in service on the battle ships HMS Ramillies and HMS Resolution. Inside the museum a number of tanks, aircrafts and guns are put on display. The museum covers all wars the the British Empire has been involved in. There are both permanent galleries as well as temporary exhibitions.

The museum was founded in 1917, then located at Crystal Palace. Later moved to the current location, which had been a hospital, Bethlehem Royal Hospital. During World War II, the exhibition item was evacuated outside London and most items stayed intact.


Imperial County, once part of San Diego County, was founded on August 7th 1907. The area was explored as early as 1540 by Hernando de Alarcon, who had discovered Colorado river. He was then followed by other Spanish explorers and catholic priests. Settlements date back to 1858 along the Butterfield Stage route. No major development took place until 1901 when water was diverted into the area.