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OPERA – what a wonderful piece of art! Already at the beginning of the 1970´s I wrote my first opera rewiev in my newspaper Kristianstadsbladet. Today I think the review was rather dull and a little naive… However this was the first opera I had ever seen, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart´s Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail,
(It. Il Ratto del serraglio, Eng. The Abduction from the Seraglio)

This is an opera we have loved since then. It is a very serious opera, quite modern even today, and the music is really like wonderful juwels!

My wife and I hope this wonderful opera never will be destroyed by a super modernistic director, like so many other operas had been executed today…

One the following pages you can read more about our local opera society, O.V.I.K., as well as our visits to Italy and Verona (see the menu to the left).

Leroy Anderson - 100 years!

Kristianstad, Sweden
Leroy Anderson Celebration
April 26, 2008 and Special Centennial Celebrations Throughout 2008

The Swedish ancestral home of the Anderson family will celebrate one of its most famous sons throughout the 2008 centennial year. Although Leroy was born in the U.S., his father, Bror Anton Anderson, emigrated with his family from Ovarp near Kristianstad in Skane. Musicians and music lovers from the city were overwhelmed when they learned the Anderson family hailed from their region, and are working to create a variety of events dedicated to Leroy, including:The local historical society in Norra Stro will host exhibition of Leroy's life and work.

Special events during the summer will be accompanied by a small orchestra playing Leroy's music.

A Celebratory all-Anderson concert at the Kristianstad indoor sports arena on Saturday, April 26, 2008.

Bror Anderson's birthplace will be open to visitors.

Annual Christmas concert in the Holy Trinity Church will feature Anderson material.

In mid June there will be an international music festival, including orchestras from Russia and other countries.

Every Thursday evening in August there will be music at the riverside park.

Third Sunday in August is the Sweden-America Day in Önnestad, just outside Kristianstad.

Fourth weekend of August a local theater company will give a musical event including the Anderson family emigration story, emigrant songs, dancers in costumes and L.A. music

Additional events TBA.Leroy Anderson celebration plans are not yet complete. Please revisit this page for current information.
For information about Kristianstad, Sweden visit the website: www.kristianstad.se/leroyanderson


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Richard Wagner.

Giuseppe Verdi.


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