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Neu Brandenburg


As said before, we are keen on the European history. There's so much to see just a few hours drive from home. One example is Neu Brandenburg, or Neubrandenburg. One hour drive south of Sassitz/Mukran you will find this city. It was founded in year 1248 by the margrave of Brandenburg.

Neu Brandenburg on map
The red arrow points to Neu Brandenburg, Germany

We've been to Neu Brandenburg several times. Last time was in year 2005. We stayed in a hotel just outside the old city center. The hotel had been headquarter for the communist party during the DDR era! The house next door had been the official radio station and the house on the opposite side of the street had been the town hall... Not far away the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, or Stasi, had had their headquarter. There were also special blocks of flats and even hospitals for the communist party elite.

The old parts of Neu Brandenburgs is surrounded by an old city wall. The wall, 7 m high and with a perimeter of 2,3 km has four Gothic town gates, dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries. Along the wall, there are also so called Wiekhäuser, or guard houses. There once were 57 of these, but today only 26 remains. Many of the old building got destroyed during the war, including the church. They have since been restored, and today the city is a betutiful sight.


Neu Brandenburg in former DDR is an interesting city.

Gate in the city wall.

Fountain with a girl and here geese.

Before having dinner, we got this colourful drink at the hotel bar.

Chicken, potatoes and broccoli. Typical German dinner.

Some very advanced dessert with strawberries.

Wiekhäuser at the city wall.

One of the town gates.

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Airport and naval proving ground

There's an airport close to Neu Brandenburg. Also, in the nearby Tollensee, there used to be a naval proving ground for torpedoes. The city was severely damaged by the end of world War II. During the DDR era, parts of the city was rebuilt by the communists. The church in the city center, Marien Kirche, was however not reopened until 2001, and now it serves as a consert hall. Among other old buildings that have been restored are the old theatre.

Gerd at the outer defense line. Inside there used to be a moat.