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In autumn 1983 we had joined a wine course with John Christiansen. He is a keen wine enthusiast with many contacts among the well known wineries. During the course, we learned that he was arranging a trip to France and Bordeaux the next autumn. So we decided to take the chance and learn more about French wines on site.

Map of Bordeaux
The red arrow points to Bordeaux, France

Flying to Bordeaux
One year later, we set off to Copenhagen airport. We've both managed to get a week off work. There was a chartered plane waiting for the group. Once on board, John opened up a couple of bottles of wine to get us all in the right mood for the coming week. A couple of hours later we landed outside the city of Bordeaux. After a short visit at the hotel, we all got driven by bus to the concert hall for a wonderful evening. Great start of what was to come! After the consert we went on to visit Château Verdu. There we tasted some really great wines, and had dinner.

Next morning the sun was shining and the sky was blue. First we came to Château Cos d'Estornel. We got to meet the owners, taste their wine and look at the wine yard. Next in term was Château Beychevelle. A free translation of that means something like "lower your sails". Once a French admiral lived on the castle, and all ships were to lower their sails to honour the admiral!

At least we saw Margaux
Later that day we drove to one of the worlds best known wine castles; Château Margaux. We had to stay on the outside, since they wouldn't let us in. At least that saved us some money... We then drove on to Châtau Palmer, and they let us in. Great (but expensie) wines. We have since then tried Château Margaux at home a couple of times.

The journey continued with more brilliant wine, and excellent food.


We got started at Centre de Dégustation in Bordeaux.

Unlike most other plants, the grapewine likes the harsh ground. The stones get warm in the sun at daytime, and keeps the plants warm at night.

No, the roses are not there just to look pretty. Instead, they are used as indicators of plant diseases.

Château Ausone was an astonishing experience. The winery had wines dating back to 1889!

Château Margaux; one of the worlds most exclusive wines.

We finished off the week with a dinner at Château Pichon-Longuevilla Comtesse de Lalande.



Château Palmer, great but a bit
expensive wine

Château Verdu was the first winery on
the journey to Bordeaux.

Rothschild vs d'Yquem
We went to see Château Mouton Rothschild. However, we never got any official tasting there. John explained that it was to much business over the whole thing there. So instead he set up a private tasting in the garden outside the castle! The bus then took us to
Château d´Yquem. Yet another well known winery. Here we were most welcome to taste the wine! So 1-0 to d'Yquem when it comes to hospitality!

At Château Pavie the owner, who we met, had just bought himself a new Volvo! A quite rare sight in France, and not something that we'd expect in front of a castle. We got to taste his wine at his second castle, Château Pavie Decesse. We also had a great lunch there.

Château d´Yquem; yet another exclusive winery!

In Archacon we got oysters, and some more wine!

Latest update

Grand finale

On our last evening in Bordeux, we came to Château Pichon-Longueville Comtesse de Lalande. We had an amazing dinner with various wines, from both surrounding wineries as well as Château Pichon-Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, and great food.

The morning after we went to the city of Arcachon at the Atlantic coast. Here we got to eat oysters, mussels and some dry white wine! Great end to one of the best journeys we've ever made!